Online/Mobile Publishing

Online and Mobile PublshingFrom webinars to audio conferences and website design, Lionheart can help increase your online presence. Let our dedicated sales staff help design, develop and promote an effective online sales program adding to your company’s or association’s bottom line.

Social media is the future of communication and has gronw like gangbusters, but Lionheart Publishing will help you navigate these technical waters with ease. Not only will we choose the right channels to communicate with your audience, we will manage these channels daily for your brand. Get to know your audience in a new way, via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and blogging. We will create a custom strategy to best market your brand message through an online community.

E-tools are another way Lionheart Publishing can expand your audience and spread your message within your industry. Let our experienced team create an email marketing schedule for your brand. Email as a tool can be essential in targeting your message.

Let us engage your brand with your target audience. We’ll execute your publication’s content on a dynamic website built by our technology professionals, as well as in an email newsletter or application. SEO strategies can go a long way to ensure the content we create for you is optimized. Gain top placement on popular search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.